Curriculum Solution Center is excited to offer two new opportunties for on-site professional development with follow-up technical assistance training. Called the PD-TA Blended Model, the follwing sessions are available through the Northwest Regional Key.

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Block Center Extreme Makeover: Strategies for teaching and learning with blocks across the curriculum

The PD session will overview the research relevant to the benefits of block play, including the stages of block play. Next, the ERS subscale for block play will be discussed. Participants will reflect upon their teaching experiences in the block center and set goals for improvement with organization, materials, and guided play.

Technical Assistance will integrate observation, discussion, and planning in an effort to use the block center as an area for creative play and an area for guided instruction.

Pre-K Number Sense: Using Manipulatives, Games, and Counting for Math Concepts

The PD session begins with an overview of the developmental sequence of skills in early numeracy as supported by NAEYC, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and the PA Early Learning Standards. Participants will analyze the role of subitizing in number development as well as the rules the influence an understanding of counting. Using this information, participants then assess sample learning experiences based on the level of developmentally appropriate outcomes. Finally, participants will create appropriate learning activities for group instruction and center-based play.

The initial TA visit will be to establish current practices and evaluate what manipulatives are available or are currently being used within the math classroom. Using this baseline data to tailor the PD session, participants will look at their current level of practice and then compare it to best practices and recommendations in developing number sense and counting skills. The TA consultant will observe a math lesson in one visit, and in another visit observe a center based activity to see how the educator is applying PD session content in both formal and informal learning opportunities.

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