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Peer Coaching is the best way to engage teachers in creating lasting change within their classroom. Coaching, when used effectively, has over 90% implementation of strategy, even over a long-term period of time... compare that to traditional PD where only 10-20% of the strategies are still used in the class after 6 weeks.

At Curriculum Solution Center, we employ a coach-the-coaches model, where your staff can explore Peer Coaching research, strategy, and technique blending best practices in the field from Microsoft in Education, PeerEd, Powerful Interactions, and more. This study takes time, and multiple meetings, which can be covered in a traditional face-to-face environment, webinar, and/or an online learning management system. Participants who complete at least 10 hours of study in Peer Coaching can receive a certificate from Microsoft in Education for "Peer Coaching Basics."

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Sample Peer Coaching Workshop Topics
  • Why Peer Coaching?
  • Setting Norms and Building Rapport
  • Setting Goals
  • Conversation Skills
  • Strengths-Based Coaching
  • Modeling Matters
  • Giving Supportive Feedback
  • Putting it All Together

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