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We love providing high quality professional development - and we want to share our secrets on how to work with educators and help them enhance their professional practice through effective, engaging PD!

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Developing Quality Professional Development: Strategies for Blending Research, Policy, and Practice

Explore crafting high quality professional development training sessions that are valuable, engaging, and applicable for learners. Participants will work collaboratively to assess the level to which blending research, policy, and practice enhances a PD session. Participants will examine and share active learning techniques, and create their own PD module outlines.

Enhancing Professional Development with Effective Grouping and Discussion Strategies

Overview the integration of Dale's Cone of Learning and Bloom's Taxonomy in an effort to create active learning experiences through cooperative learning and discussion. Participants will experience multiple strategies for creating cooperative groups that stay on task and work to achieve PD objectives. Additionally, strategies will be developed to help encourage effective discussion among participants which allow them to build upon prior knowledge and action plan for application of PD objectives into their respective classrooms.

Feedback from this session:

  • Nice to see a presentation that "walks the walk" doing what you tell participants to do. (PA Keys Certified Instructor Consultant)
  • I liked that resources / tools are availalbe on your website. It takes a lot of the guess work out of how to group. Great training - relevant and valuable! (PA Keys Specialty Discipline Instructor)
  • Appreciated seeing your passion for PD extended through the session. (PA Keys Director-Instructor)
Webinars: Beyond a Voice and a Slideshow

This course walks a professional development provider through the webinar development process, keeping a focus on engaging webinar viewers in their learning. Participants will compare webinar presentation to traditional, live professional development. Methods of engagement using webinar presentation platforms will be presented and assessed, then participants will overview a planning template which integrates these methods. Alternate methods of social engagement such as live tweeting, back-channels, and digital exit slips will also be evaluated.

Feedback from this session:

  • "Thanks for telling us we can do this!"
  • "Instructor was most effective at demonstrating engagement activities while conducting a seminar and giving us useful tips, links and examples for conducting webinars."
  • "Pace was perfect for my level of understanding."
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Affiliate Instructors Wanted

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