Why Curriculum Solution Center PD?

At Curriculum Solution Center, you are guaranteed an active learning experience. This isn't a sit and listen lecture. Be prepared to discuss, interact, engage, and create. Our workshops are based on Curriculum Solution Center's Three Principles of Professional Development:

  1. Capitalize on what participants know
  2. Make information immediately applicable
  3. Keep participants engaged and active in their learning
Professional Development Areas - Click for More Information

For Educators

*Available to Keystone STARS facilities in the Northwest Regional Key

For Directors, Instructors, and Administrators



Professional Development Certifications
  • PA Keys Certified Instructor Consultant
  • Pennsylvania Act 48 Provider
  • CDA 2.0 Professional Development Specialist
  • Ophelia Project Approved Trainer and Speaker
  • Microsoft in Education Trainer
Affiliate Instructors Wanted

Curriculum Solution Center PD is so widely sought after, that we can't fulfill all of the requests! We're looking for high quality, energized instructors to whom we can refer schools and centers. If you're interested in being an affiliate instructor, please send the following information to info@curriculumsolutioncenter.com with the subject "Affiliate Instructor":

  • Resume / Curriculum Vitae
  • Summary of professional development offered
  • PQAS or other PD Certifications

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