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Host an Event at Your Site

You can bring Curriculum Solution Center workshops to your facility, just check the requirements below.

A Blank Wall or Screen

We bring all of the audio visual equipment (projector, laptop, speakers, etc), we just need somewhere to show it. Having a screen with information and videos helps adult learners focus, stay on task, and retain information.

An Outlet, Extension Cord, and Small Desk

All of that A/V equipment mentioned above needs electricity and somewhere to stay put!

Adult Sized Seating and Tables

Principles of adult learning state that we learn best when we are comfortable. Sure, you may sit in little chairs while interacting with children, but two or more hours in child-sized chair without a comfortable surface for writing makes it harder to learn and stay focused.

Motivated and Excited Staff

This isn't a sit and listen to lecture kind of deal. Adult learning theory (we're kind of big on that if you haven't noticed by now) states that learners need to be involved, so we get you up, moving, and talking.

Head on over to our reservation site and send in a request to book your workshops.

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If you're in Northwestern Pennsylvania, you can submit a request to host a community-based workshop funded by the Northwest Regional Key.

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